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Vacation is Over!!!

The Leaving Springfield hiatus is over and they are heading back to the stage in March.  Upcoming shows included March 3rd at The Farm (all ages), March 4th at Vince Neils' Feelgoods, and March 25th at The Bunkhouse.  The 'vacation' was due to BK's sinus surgery early this year and he reports that the operation was "100% successful" and that "breathing is awesome!"  He says thanks to everyone for the emails and well wishes and, "No, the doctors have still not found any evidence of a brain." 

Sat, February 27, 2010 | link 


Rockin' at the Cheyenne Saloon
Awesome night at the Cheyenne.  Thanks to everyone who made it out.  Played a couple of new tunes and some old favorites.  BK got to try out the new Leaving Springfield Les Paul and all was well.  Look for upcoming gigs at the Farm, Hard Rock, and the Bunkhouse.
Mon, February 1, 2010 | link 

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